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Booking a hotel room

I´d like to book a room please.

Receptionist: Good afternoon, San Felice Hotel. May I help you?
Mrs Ryefield: Yes. I´d like to book a room, please.
Receptionist: Certainly. When for, madam?
Mrs Ryefield: March the 23rd.
Receptionist: How long will you be staying?
Mrs Ryefield: Three nights.
Receptionist: What kind of room would you like, madam?
Mrs Ryefield: Er... double with bath. I´d appreciate it if you could give me a room with a view over the lake.
Receptionist: Certainly, madam. I´ll just check what we have available. . . Yes, we have a room on the 4th floor with a really splendid view.
Mrs Ryefield: Fine. How much is the charge per night?
Receptionist: Would you like breakfast?
Mrs Ryefield: No, thanks.
Receptionist: It´s eighty four euro per night excluding VAT.
Mrs Ryefield: That´s fine.
Receptionist: Who´s the booking for, please, madam?
Mrs Ryefield: Mr and Mrs Ryefield, that´s R-Y-E-F-I-E-L-D.
Receptionist: Okay, let me make sure I got that: Mr and Mrs Ryefield. Double with bath for March the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Is that correct?
Mrs Ryefield: Yes it is. Thank you.
Receptionist: Let me give you your confirmation number. It´s: 7576385. I´ll repeat that: 7576385. Thank you for choosing San Felice Hotel and have a nice day. Goodbye.
Mrs Ryefield: Goodbye.

Resource ID:1241
Level:Pre-intermediate English learning resource level: pre-intermediate
Classified under: Practical English: Hotel
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