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UNSTEADY (unsteadied)

Pronunciation (US): 

 Dictionary entry overview: What does unsteady mean? 

UNSTEADY (adjective)
  The adjective UNSTEADY has 2 senses:

1. subject to change or variation
2. not firmly or solidly positioned

  Familiarity information: UNSTEADY used as an adjective is rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

UNSTEADY (adjective)

Sense 1unsteady [BACK TO TOP]


Subject to change or variation

Context examples:

her unsteady walk / his hand was unsteady as he poured the wine / an unsteady voice


tottering; tottery (unsteady in gait as from infirmity or old age)

shuddering (shaking convulsively or violently)

shifting; shifty (changing position or direction)

quavering; tremulous ((of the voice) quivering as from weakness or fear)

shaky; shivering; trembling (vibrating slightly and irregularly; as e.g. with fear or cold or like the leaves of an aspen in a breeze)

palpitant; palpitating (having a slight and rapid trembling motion)

fluctuating (having unpredictable ups and downs)

aflicker; flickering (shining unsteadily)

faltering (unsteady in speech or action)

convulsive; spasmodic; spastic (affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions; resembling a spasm)

arrhythmic; jerking; jerky (not having a steady rhythm)

wobbling ((of sound) fluctuating unsteadily)


unstable (lacking stability or fixity or firmness)

irregular (contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice)

uneven (not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture)

agitated (troubled emotionally and usually deeply)


steady (not subject to change or variation especially in behavior)

Sense 2unsteady [BACK TO TOP]


Not firmly or solidly positioned


unfirm; unsteady

Context examples:

climbing carefully up the unsteady ladder / an unfirm stance


unfixed (not firmly placed or set or fastened)

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