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 Dictionary entry overview: What does unselfish mean? 

UNSELFISH (adjective)
  The adjective UNSELFISH has 2 senses:

1. disregarding your own advantages and welfare over those of others
2. not greedy

  Familiarity information: UNSELFISH used as an adjective is rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

UNSELFISH (adjective)

Sense 1unselfish [BACK TO TOP]


Disregarding your own advantages and welfare over those of others


public-spirited (showing unselfish interest in the public welfare)

self-denying; self-giving; self-sacrificing (willing to deprive yourself)

self-forgetful (showing lack of self-interest)

sharing (unselfishly willing to share with others)


altruistic; selfless (showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others)

considerate (showing concern for the rights and feelings of others)

generous (willing to give and share unstintingly)


selfish (concerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others)

Sense 2unselfish [BACK TO TOP]


Not greedy


generous (willing to give and share unstintingly)

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