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 Dictionary entry overview: What does sincere mean? 

SINCERE (adjective)
  The adjective SINCERE has 2 senses:

1. open and genuine; not deceitful
2. characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions

  Familiarity information: SINCERE used as an adjective is rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

SINCERE (adjective)

Sense 1sincere [BACK TO TOP]


Open and genuine; not deceitful

Context examples:

he was a good man, decent and sincere / felt sincere regret that they were leaving / sincere friendship


heart-whole; whole-souled; wholehearted (with unconditional and enthusiastic devotion)

genuine; true; unfeigned (not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed)

honest (without dissimulation; frank)

dear; devout; earnest; heartfelt (earnest)

cordial (sincerely or intensely felt)

bona fide (undertaken in good faith)


existent; real (being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory)

artless; ingenuous (characterized by an inability to mask your feelings; not devious)

honest; honorable (not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent)

echt; genuine (not fake or counterfeit)

true (consistent with fact or reality; not false)


sincerity (the quality of being open and truthful; not deceitful or hypocritical)


insincere (lacking sincerity)

Sense 2sincere [BACK TO TOP]


Characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions


earnest; sincere; solemn

Context examples:

both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate / an entirely sincere and cruel tyrant / a film with a solemn social message


serious (concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities)

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