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 Dictionary entry overview: What does rare mean? 

RARE (adjective)
  The adjective RARE has 6 senses:

1. not widely known; especially valued for its uncommonness
2. recurring only at long intervals
3. not widely distributed
4. marked by an uncommon quality; especially superlative or extreme of its kind
5. having low density
6. (of meat) cooked a short time; still red inside

  Familiarity information: RARE used as an adjective is common.

 Dictionary entry details 

RARE (adjective)

Sense 1rare [BACK TO TOP]


Not widely known; especially valued for its uncommonness

Context examples:

a rare word / rare books


uncommon (not common or ordinarily encountered; unusually great in amount or remarkable in character or kind)

Sense 2rare [BACK TO TOP]


Recurring only at long intervals

Context examples:

a rare appearance / total eclipses are rare events


infrequent (not frequent; not occurring regularly or at short intervals)

Sense 3rare [BACK TO TOP]


Not widely distributed

Context examples:

rare herbs / rare patches of green in the desert


scarce (deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand)

Sense 4rare [BACK TO TOP]


Marked by an uncommon quality; especially superlative or extreme of its kind


uncommon; rare

Context examples:

what is so rare as a day in June / a rare skill / an uncommon sense of humor / she was kind to an uncommon degree


extraordinary (beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable)

Sense 5rare [BACK TO TOP]


Having low density


rarefied; rarified; rare

Context examples:

rare gasses / lightheaded from the rarefied mountain air


thin (relatively thin in consistency or low in density; not viscous)

Sense 6rare [BACK TO TOP]


(of meat) cooked a short time; still red inside

Context example:

rare roast beef


raw (not treated with heat to prepare it for eating)

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