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 Dictionary entry overview: What does Quercus sessiliflora mean? 

  The noun QUERCUS SESSILIFLORA has 1 sense:

1. deciduous European oak valued for its tough elastic wood

  Familiarity information: QUERCUS SESSILIFLORA used as a noun is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 


Sense 1Quercus sessiliflora [BACK TO TOP]


Deciduous European oak valued for its tough elastic wood

Classified under:

Nouns denoting plants


durmast; Quercus petraea; Quercus sessiliflora

Hypernyms ("Quercus sessiliflora" is a kind of...):

white oak (any of numerous Old World and American oaks having 6 to 8 stamens in each floret, acorns that mature in one year and leaf veins that never extend beyond the margin of the leaf)

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