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 Dictionary entry overview: What does primate mean? 

PRIMATE (noun)
  The noun PRIMATE has 2 senses:

1. a senior clergyman and dignitary
2. any placental mammal of the order Primates; has good eyesight and flexible hands and feet

  Familiarity information: PRIMATE used as a noun is rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

PRIMATE (noun)

Sense 1primate [BACK TO TOP]


A senior clergyman and dignitary

Classified under:

Nouns denoting people


archpriest; hierarch; prelate; primate; high priest

Hypernyms ("primate" is a kind of...):

priest (a clergyman in Christian churches who has the authority to perform or administer various religious rites; one of the Holy Orders)

Instance hyponyms:

Gloomy Dean; Inge; William Ralph Inge (English prelate noted for his pessimistic sermons and articles (1860-1954))

Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros; Jimenez de Cisneros (prelate who was the confessor of Isabella I and who was later appointed Grand Inquisitor (1436-1517))

Cardinal Newman; John Henry Newman; Newman (English prelate and theologian who (with John Keble and Edward Pusey) founded the Oxford movement; Newman later turned to Roman Catholicism and became a cardinal (1801-1890))

Armand Jean du Plessis; Cardinal Richelieu; Duc de Richelieu; Richelieu (French prelate and statesman; principal minister to Louis XIII (1585-1642))

Desmond Tutu; Tutu (South African prelate and leader of the antiapartheid struggle (born in 1931))

James Usher; James Ussher; Usher; Ussher (Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year 4004 BC (1581-1656))

William of Wykeham; Wykeham (English prelate and statesman; founded a college at Oxford and Winchester College in Winchester; served as chancellor of England and bishop of Winchester (1324-1404))

Stefan Wyszynski; Wyszynski (Polish prelate who persuaded the Soviet to allow greater religious freedom in Poland (1901-1981))

Sense 2primate [BACK TO TOP]


Any placental mammal of the order Primates; has good eyesight and flexible hands and feet

Classified under:

Nouns denoting animals

Hypernyms ("primate" is a kind of...):

eutherian; eutherian mammal; placental; placental mammal (mammals having a placenta; all mammals except monotremes and marsupials)

Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "primate"):

tarsier (nocturnal arboreal primate of Indonesia and the Philippines having huge eyes and digits ending in pads to facilitate climbing; the only primate that spurns all plant material as food living entirely on insects and small vertebrates)

simian (an ape or monkey)

ape (any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all)

anthropoid (any member of the suborder Anthropoidea including monkeys and apes and hominids)

hominoid (a primate of the superfamily Hominoidea)

hominid (a primate of the family Hominidae)

monkey (any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians))

prosimian (primitive primates having large ears and eyes and characterized by nocturnal habits)

lemur (large-eyed arboreal prosimian having foxy faces and long furry tails)

Holonyms ("primate" is a member of...):

order Primates; Primates (an animal order including lemurs and tarsiers and monkeys and apes and human beings)

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