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 Dictionary entry overview: What does phage mean? 

PHAGE (noun)
  The noun PHAGE has 1 sense:

1. a virus that is parasitic in bacteria

  Familiarity information: PHAGE used as a noun is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

PHAGE (noun)

Sense 1phage [BACK TO TOP]


A virus that is parasitic in bacteria

Classified under:

Nouns denoting animals


bacteriophage; phage

Context example:

phage uses the bacterium's machinery and energy to produce more phage until the bacterium is destroyed and phage is released to invade surrounding bacteria

Hypernyms ("phage" is a kind of...):

virus ((virology) ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts; many are pathogenic; a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein)

Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "phage"):

coliphage (a bacteriophage that infects the bacterium Escherichia coli)

typhoid bacteriophage (a bacteriophage specific for the bacterium Salmonella typhi)

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