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 Dictionary entry overview: What does optical lens mean? 

  The noun OPTICAL LENS has 1 sense:

1. a lens that focuses the image in a camera

  Familiarity information: OPTICAL LENS used as a noun is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 


Sense 1optical lens [BACK TO TOP]


A lens that focuses the image in a camera

Classified under:

Nouns denoting man-made objects


camera lens; optical lens

Hypernyms ("optical lens" is a kind of...):

lens; lens system; lense (a transparent optical device used to converge or diverge transmitted light and to form images)

Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "optical lens"):

closeup lens (a photographic lens with a short focal length used to take pictures at short ranges)

portrait lens (a compound camera lens with a relatively high aperture)

telephoto lens; zoom lens (a camera lens that magnifies the image)

fisheye lens; wide-angle lens (a camera lens having a wider than normal angle of view (and usually a short focal length); produces an image that is foreshortened in the center and increasingly distorted in the periphery)

Holonyms ("optical lens" is a part of...):

camera; photographic camera (equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other))

camera; television camera; tv camera (television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam)

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