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 Dictionary entry overview: What does illegal mean? 

ILLEGAL (adjective)
  The adjective ILLEGAL has 1 sense:

1. prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules

  Familiarity information: ILLEGAL used as an adjective is very rare.

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ILLEGAL (adjective)

Sense 1illegal [BACK TO TOP]


Prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules

Context example:

an illegal chess move


extralegal; nonlegal (not regulated or sanctioned by law)

penal; punishable (subject to punishment by law)

misbranded; mislabeled (branded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirements)

ineligible (prohibited by official rules)

illegitimate; illicit; outlaw; outlawed; unlawful (contrary to or forbidden by law)

hot (recently stolen or smuggled)

unratified (lacking legal authority)

extrajudicial (beyond the usual course of legal proceedings; legally unwarranted)

embezzled; misappropriated (taken for your own use in violation of a trust)

dirty; ill-gotten (obtained illegally or by improper means)

criminal; felonious (involving or being or having the nature of a crime)

black; black-market; bootleg; contraband; smuggled (distributed or sold illicitly)

banned; prohibited (forbidden by law)

amerciable (of a crime or misdemeanor; punishable by a fine set by a judge)

under-the-counter (done or sold illicitly and secretly)


illegitimate (of marriages and offspring; not recognized as lawful)

irregular (contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice)

unlawful (contrary to or prohibited by or defiant of law)


legality (lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute)


legal (established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules)

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