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Pronunciation (US): 

 Dictionary entry overview: What does hesitation mean? 

  The noun HESITATION has 3 senses:

1. indecision in speech or action
2. a certain degree of unwillingness
3. the act of pausing uncertainly

  Familiarity information: HESITATION used as a noun is uncommon.

 Dictionary entry details 


Sense 1hesitation [BACK TO TOP]


Indecision in speech or action

Classified under:

Nouns denoting cognitive processes and contents


hesitation; vacillation; wavering

Hypernyms ("hesitation" is a kind of...):

indecision; indecisiveness; irresolution (doubt concerning two or more possible alternatives or courses of action)

Sense 2hesitation [BACK TO TOP]


A certain degree of unwillingness

Classified under:

Nouns denoting attributes of people and objects


reluctance; indisposition; hesitation; hesitancy; disinclination

Context examples:

a reluctance to commit himself / his hesitancy revealed his basic indisposition / after some hesitation he agreed

Hypernyms ("hesitation" is a kind of...):

involuntariness; unwillingness (the trait of being unwilling)

Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "hesitation"):

sloth; slothfulness (a disinclination to work or exert yourself)

Sense 3hesitation [BACK TO TOP]


The act of pausing uncertainly

Classified under:

Nouns denoting acts or actions


falter; faltering; waver; hesitation

Context example:

there was a hesitation in his speech

Hypernyms ("hesitation" is a kind of...):

pause (temporary inactivity)

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