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 Dictionary entry overview: What does frigid mean? 

FRIGID (adjective)
  The adjective FRIGID has 3 senses:

1. sexually unresponsive
2. extremely cold
3. devoid of warmth and cordiality; expressive of unfriendliness or disdain

  Familiarity information: FRIGID used as an adjective is uncommon.

 Dictionary entry details 

FRIGID (adjective)

Sense 1frigid [BACK TO TOP]


Sexually unresponsive


frigid; cold

Context examples:

was cold to his advances / a frigid woman


unloving (not giving or reciprocating affection)

Sense 2frigid [BACK TO TOP]


Extremely cold


gelid; frigid; icy; arctic; glacial; polar

Context examples:

an arctic climate / a frigid day / gelid waters of the North Atlantic / glacial winds / icy hands / polar weather


cold (used of physical coldness; having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness or having been made cold by e.g. ice or refrigeration)

Sense 3frigid [BACK TO TOP]


Devoid of warmth and cordiality; expressive of unfriendliness or disdain


icy; frosty; glacial; wintry; frozen; frigid

Context examples:

a frigid greeting / got a frosty reception / a frozen look on their faces / a glacial handshake / icy stare / wintry smile


cold (extended meanings; especially of psychological coldness; without human warmth or emotion)

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