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Pronunciation (US): 

 Dictionary entry overview: What does divulge mean? 

DIVULGE (verb)
  The verb DIVULGE has 1 sense:

1. make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret

  Familiarity information: DIVULGE used as a verb is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

DIVULGE (verb)

Sense 1divulge [BACK TO TOP]


Make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret

Classified under:

Verbs of telling, asking, ordering, singing


disclose; divulge; let on; unwrap; reveal; let out; give away; expose; impart; discover; bring out; break

Context examples:

The auction house would not disclose the price at which the van Gogh had sold / The actress won't reveal how old she is / bring out the truth / he broke the news to her / unwrap the evidence in the murder case

Hypernyms (to "divulge" is one way to...):

tell (let something be known)


break; get around; get out (be released or become known; of news)

Troponyms (each of the following is one way to "divulge"):

blackwash (bring (information) out of concealment)

babble; babble out; blab; blab out; let the cat out of the bag; peach; sing; spill the beans; talk; tattle (divulge confidential information or secrets)

leak (tell anonymously)

confide (reveal in private; tell confidentially)

betray; bewray (reveal unintentionally)

spring (produce or disclose suddenly or unexpectedly)

come out; come out of the closet; out (to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality)

out (reveal (something) about somebody's identity or lifestyle)

blow (cause to be revealed and jeopardized)

muckrake (explore and expose misconduct and scandals concerning public figures)

reveal (disclose directly or through prophets)

Sentence frames:

Somebody ----s something
Something ----s something
Somebody ----s something to somebody
Somebody ----s that CLAUSE

Sentence example:

They divulge that there was a traffic accident

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