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 Dictionary entry overview: What does diddle mean? 

DIDDLE (verb)
  The verb DIDDLE has 2 senses:

1. deprive of by deceit
2. manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination

  Familiarity information: DIDDLE used as a verb is rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

DIDDLE (verb)

Sense 1diddle [BACK TO TOP]


Deprive of by deceit

Classified under:

Verbs of political and social activities and events


mulct; nobble; rook; scam; swindle; hornswoggle; gyp; goldbrick; gip; diddle; defraud; con; bunco; short-change; victimize

Context examples:

He swindled me out of my inheritance / She defrauded the customers who trusted her / the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change

Hypernyms (to "diddle" is one way to...):

cheat; chisel; rip off (deprive somebody of something by deceit)

Troponyms (each of the following is one way to "diddle"):

short; short-change (cheat someone by not returning him enough money)

Sentence frames:

Somebody ----s somebody
Somebody ----s somebody PP

Sentence example:

They diddle him of all his money

Sense 2diddle [BACK TO TOP]


Manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination

Classified under:

Verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging


diddle; toy; fiddle; play

Context examples:

She played nervously with her wedding ring / Don't fiddle with the screws / He played with the idea of running for the Senate

Hypernyms (to "diddle" is one way to...):

manipulate (hold something in one's hands and move it)

Troponyms (each of the following is one way to "diddle"):

put out; retire (cause to be out on a fielding play)

Sentence frame:

Somebody ----s PP

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"It is less of a problem to be poor, than to be dishonest." (Native American proverb, Anishinabe)

"If you are saved from the lion, do not be greedy and hunt it." (Arabic proverb)

"A monkey is a gazelle in its motherís eyes." (Egyptian proverb)

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