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 Dictionary entry overview: What does diaphanous mean? 

DIAPHANOUS (adjective)
  The adjective DIAPHANOUS has 1 sense:

1. so thin as to transmit light

  Familiarity information: DIAPHANOUS used as an adjective is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

DIAPHANOUS (adjective)

Sense 1diaphanous [BACK TO TOP]


So thin as to transmit light


cobwebby; vaporous; see-through; vapourous; gauzy; gauze-like; filmy; diaphanous; transparent; gossamer; sheer

Context examples:

a hat with a diaphanous veil / filmy wings of a moth / gauzy clouds of dandelion down / gossamer cobwebs / sheer silk stockings / transparent chiffon / vaporous silks


thin (of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section)

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