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 Dictionary entry overview: What does class Bacillariophyceae mean? 

  The noun CLASS BACILLARIOPHYCEAE has 1 sense:

1. marine and freshwater eukaryotic algae: diatoms

  Familiarity information: CLASS BACILLARIOPHYCEAE used as a noun is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 


Sense 1class Bacillariophyceae [BACK TO TOP]


Marine and freshwater eukaryotic algae: diatoms

Classified under:

Nouns denoting animals


Bacillariophyceae; class Bacillariophyceae; class Diatomophyceae; Diatomophyceae

Hypernyms ("class Bacillariophyceae" is a kind of...):

class ((biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders)

Meronyms (members of "class Bacillariophyceae"):

diatom (microscopic unicellular marine or freshwater colonial alga having cell walls impregnated with silica)

Holonyms ("class Bacillariophyceae" is a member of...):

Chrysophyta; division Chrysophyta (mostly freshwater eukaryotic algae having the chlorophyll masked by brown or yellow pigment; yellow-green and golden-brown algae and diatoms: Xanthophyceae, Chrysophyceae, Bacillariophyceae; some classification systems superseded or subsumed by Heterokontophyta)

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