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 Dictionary entry overview: What does centrifugal mean? 

CENTRIFUGAL (adjective)
  The adjective CENTRIFUGAL has 3 senses:

1. tending to move away from a center
2. tending away from centralization, as of authority
3. conveying information to the muscles from the CNS

  Familiarity information: CENTRIFUGAL used as an adjective is uncommon.

 Dictionary entry details 

CENTRIFUGAL (adjective)

Sense 1centrifugal [BACK TO TOP]


Tending to move away from a center

Context example:

centrifugal force


outward-developing (away from an axis, as in a flower cluster in which the oldest flowers are in the center, the youngest near the edge)

outward-moving (moving or directed away from center, especially when spinning or traveling in a curve)


centripetal (tending to move toward a center)

Sense 2centrifugal [BACK TO TOP]


Tending away from centralization, as of authority

Context example:

the division of Europe into warring blocs produces ever-increasing centrifugal stress


decentralising; decentralizing (tending away from a central point)

Sense 3centrifugal [BACK TO TOP]


Conveying information to the muscles from the CNS


motor; centrifugal

Context example:

motor nerves


efferent; motorial (of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying information away from the CNS)

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