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 Dictionary entry overview: What does belongings mean? 

  The noun BELONGINGS has 1 sense:

1. something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone

  Familiarity information: BELONGINGS used as a noun is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 


Sense 1belongings [BACK TO TOP]


Something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone

Classified under:

Nouns denoting possession and transfer of possession


belongings; material possession; holding; property

Context examples:

that hat is my property / he is a man of property

Hypernyms ("belongings" is a kind of...):

possession (anything owned or possessed)

Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "belongings"):

worldly belongings; worldly goods; worldly possessions (all the property that you possess)

church property; spirituality; spiritualty (property or income owned by a church)

lease; letting; rental (property that is leased or rented out or let)

trade-in (an item of property that is given in part payment for a new one)

public property (property owned by a government)

wealth (property that has economic utility: a monetary value or an exchange value)

estate (everything you own; all of your assets (whether real property or personal property) and liabilities)

heirloom ((law) any property that is considered by law or custom as inseparable from an inheritance is inherited with that inheritance)

stockholding; stockholdings (a specific number of stocks or shares owned)

shareholding (a holding in the form of shares of corporations)

salvage (property or goods saved from damage or destruction)

landholding (a holding in the form of land)

ratables; rateables (property that provides tax income for local governments)

hereditament (any property (real or personal or mixed) that can be inherited)

intellectual property (intangible property that is the result of creativity (such as patents or trademarks or copyrights))

community property (property and income belonging jointly to a married couple)

personal estate; personal property; personalty; private property (movable property (as distinguished from real estate))

things (any movable possession (especially articles of clothing))

immovable; real estate; real property; realty (property consisting of houses and land)

commonage (property held in common)

trust (something (as property) held by one party (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary))

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