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 Dictionary entry overview: What does artisan mean? 

ARTISAN (noun)
  The noun ARTISAN has 1 sense:

1. a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft

  Familiarity information: ARTISAN used as a noun is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 

ARTISAN (noun)

Sense 1artisan [BACK TO TOP]


A skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft

Classified under:

Nouns denoting people


artisan; journeyman; artificer; craftsman

Hypernyms ("artisan" is a kind of...):

skilled worker; skilled workman; trained worker (a worker who has acquired special skills)

Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "artisan"):

beautician; cosmetician (someone who works in a beauty parlor)

paperer; paperhanger (one whose occupation is decorating walls with wallpaper)

pipe fitter; plumber (a craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances)

ceramicist; ceramist; potter; thrower (a craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes them it a kiln)

rigger (someone who rigs ships)

roofer (a craftsman who lays or repairs roofs)

rope-maker; ropemaker; roper (a craftsman who makes ropes)

steamfitter (a craftsman who installs and maintains equipment for ventilating or heating or refrigerating)

tanner (a craftsman who tans skins and hides)

animal stuffer; stuffer; taxidermist (a craftsman who stuffs and mounts the skins of animals for display)

upholsterer (a craftsman who upholsters furniture)

weaver (a craftsman who weaves cloth)

welder (joins pieces of metal by welding them together)

window dresser; window trimmer (someone who decorates shop windows)

woodman; woodsman; woodworker (makes things out of wood)

wright (someone who makes or repairs something (usually used in combination))

miller (someone who works in a mill (especially a grain mill))

mason; stonemason (a craftsman who works with stone or brick)

bookbinder (a worker whose trade is binding books)

bricklayer (a craftsman skilled in building with bricks)

clockmaker; clocksmith (someone whose occupation is making or repairing clocks and watches)

coachbuilder (a craftsman who makes the bodies of motor vehicles)

construction worker; hard hat (a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc.)

barrel maker; cooper (a craftsman who makes or repairs wooden barrels or tubs)

coppersmith (someone who makes articles from copper)

currier (a craftsman who curries leather for use)

die-sinker; diemaker; diesinker (someone who makes dies)

glassblower (someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glass)

glass cutter; glass-cutter; glassworker; glazer; glazier (someone who cuts flat glass to size)

gold-beater; goldbeater (an artisan who beats gold into gold leaf)

hairdresser; hairstylist; styler; stylist (someone who cuts or beautifies hair)

luthier (a craftsman who makes stringed instruments (as lutes or guitars or violins))

machinist; mechanic; shop mechanic (a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools)

Instance hyponyms:

Morris; William Morris (English poet and craftsman (1834-1896))

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