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 Dictionary entry overview: What does anesthesia mean? 

  The noun ANESTHESIA has 1 sense:

1. loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness

  Familiarity information: ANESTHESIA used as a noun is very rare.

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Sense 1anesthesia [BACK TO TOP]


Loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness

Classified under:

Nouns denoting stable states of affairs


anaesthesia; anesthesia

Hypernyms ("anesthesia" is a kind of...):

physiological condition; physiological state (the state of the body or bodily functions)

Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "anesthesia"):

cryoanaesthesia; cryoanesthesia (insensibility resulting from cold)

general anaesthesia; general anesthesia (a state of total unconsciousness resulting from anesthetic drugs (as for a major surgical operation))

local anaesthesia; local anesthesia (loss of sensation in a small area of the body (as when a local anesthetic is injected for a tooth extraction))

block anaesthesia; block anesthesia; conduction anaesthesia; conduction anesthesia; nerve block anaesthesia; nerve block anesthesia (anesthesia of an area supplied by a nerve; produced by an anesthetic agent applied to the nerve)

regional anaesthesia; regional anesthesia (loss of sensation in a region of the body produced by application of an anesthetic agent to all the nerves supplying that region (as when an epidural anesthetic is administered to the pelvic region during childbirth))

topical anaesthesia; topical anesthesia (loss of sensation confined to the skin or mucous surfaces (as when benzocaine or Lidocaine is applied to the surface))

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