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 Dictionary entry overview: What does Accipitridae mean? 

  The noun ACCIPITRIDAE has 1 sense:

1. hawks; Old World vultures; kites; harriers; eagles

  Familiarity information: ACCIPITRIDAE used as a noun is very rare.

 Dictionary entry details 


Sense 1Accipitridae [BACK TO TOP]


Hawks; Old World vultures; kites; harriers; eagles

Classified under:

Nouns denoting animals


Accipitridae; family Accipitridae

Hypernyms ("Accipitridae" is a kind of...):

bird family (a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings)

Meronyms (members of "Accipitridae"):

bird of Jove; eagle (any of various large keen-sighted diurnal birds of prey noted for their broad wings and strong soaring flight)

genus Harpia; Harpia; Aquila; genus Aquila; genus Haliaeetus; Haliaeetus (a genus of Accipitridae)

Old World vulture (any of several large vultures of Africa and Eurasia)

genus Gyps; Gyps (a genus of Accipitridae)

genus Gypaetus; Gypaetus (in some classifications the type genus of the family Aegypiidae)

genus Neophron; Neophron (a genus of Accipitridae)

Circaetus; genus Circaetus (harrier eagles)

Circus; genus Circus (a genus of haws comprising the harriers)

hawk (diurnal bird of prey typically having short rounded wings and a long tail)

Accipiter; genus Accipiter (type genus of the family Accipitridae)

Buteo; genus Buteo (broad-winged soaring hawks)

genus Pernis; Pernis (a common European bird of prey; dull brown with white-streaked underparts)

kite (any of several small graceful hawks of the family Accipitridae having long pointed wings and feeding on insects and small animals)

genus-Milvus; Milvus (a genus including the common European kits)

Elanoides; genus Elanoides (a genus of kites)

Elanus; genus Elanus (a genus of small kites of both Old and New Worlds)

Aegypius; genus Aegypius (a genus of Accipitridae)

Holonyms ("Accipitridae" is a member of...):

Falconiformes; order Falconiformes (chiefly diurnal carnivorous birds having hooked beaks and long talons with opposable hind toe: falcons; hawks; eagles; ospreys; caracaras; vultures)

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