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 Dictionary entry overview: What does acceptable mean? 

ACCEPTABLE (adjective)
  The adjective ACCEPTABLE has 4 senses:

1. worthy of acceptance or satisfactory
2. judged to be in conformity with approved usage
3. meeting requirements
4. adequate for the purpose

  Familiarity information: ACCEPTABLE used as an adjective is uncommon.

 Dictionary entry details 

ACCEPTABLE (adjective)

Sense 1acceptable [BACK TO TOP]


Worthy of acceptance or satisfactory

Context examples:

acceptable levels of radiation / performances varied from acceptable to excellent


bankable (acceptable to or at a bank)

unexceptionable; unimpeachable (completely acceptable; not open to exception or reproach)

unobjectionable (not objectionable)


satisfactory (giving satisfaction)


unacceptable (not acceptable; not welcome)

Sense 2acceptable [BACK TO TOP]


Judged to be in conformity with approved usage


acceptable; accepted

Context example:

acceptable English usage


received; standard (conforming to the established language usage of educated native speakers)

Domain category:

linguistics (the scientific study of language)

Sense 3acceptable [BACK TO TOP]


Meeting requirements


satisfactory; acceptable

Context example:

the step makes a satisfactory seat


good (having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified)

Sense 4acceptable [BACK TO TOP]


Adequate for the purpose

Context example:

the water was acceptable for drinking


fit (meeting adequate standards for a purpose)

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